Welcome to the CFA Institute Competency Framework

The competency framework provides you with guidance in your career. It gives guidance on the skills and knowledge needed to (1) develop in your existing job role, or (2) transition into a new job role. At CFA Institute, we use it to inform the ongoing development and relevance of the CFA Program and our Professional Learning activities.

Consisting of three broad competency areas (Technical, Personal & Business, and Ethical) across a range of job role families, click into the relevant cells and work down the column to review the competencies most relevant for you.


Developed through global engagement with investment practitioners and CFA societies, we are constantly seeking to enhance the framework. Please tell us your thoughts and suggestions for how we can improve it by emailing practiceanalysis@cfainstitute.org.

We are no longer reviewing new feedback provided into the survey, however, you are still able to click into the relevant cells to see the draft competencies and descriptions relevant to your job role. Please note this tool is designed to be accessed and responded to through a laptop or desktop device. It is not optimized for mobile devices. If you have any particular comments or questions in relation to the framework please contact the CFA Institute Practice Analysis team at PracticeAnalysis@cfainstitute.org.

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Identify your job role

Identify the job role family that most closely represents your day-to-day role.

Review the competencies

Each role includes “Technical,” “Personal and Business,” “Ethical,” and “Career Management” competencies. Click into the relevant cells and work down the column to review the competencies relevant for your role. Please note this list is not exhaustive, but designed to highlight key areas.

Give us your feedback

Each competency has a feedback box. Tell us both what you like and do not like, and what you would change. Feedback is completely anonymous. We will review and analyze your feedback in the final stage of finalizing the framework.


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